a third party free windows media center: kodi formal version download

it's home-famous cross-platform open source media center kodi(original xbmc) official version update to 15.2, the update has not yet been given, but according to three rc version update, before the formal version update or is the problem to repair, new and old users can download the use of a more stable version.given win10 official version has not including windows media centre media center application, the media center can be like software, which users continue to provide a similar service.

open source media center kodi function is introduced:

, can play almost all popular audio and video formats.

, also is designed to play online media, support a variety of network media protocol, so that you can put your media library in home network or play internet media directly.

, can use your media:play cd and dvd or cd image files stored on disk, stored in hard disc of almost all popular file formats, can even play compressed in a zip or rar files.

, it can also scan your media files and automatically set up your own media database, including the cover photo, content is introduced and the posters stills.

, and playlists and slide function, weather forecast and many audio visual effect.

kodi 15 new features:

, add video section selection window

, increases the adaptive search

, add audio and subtitles list

add language add-on, expand international support

, improve the attachment management

kodi 15 chinese interface setting methods:

1, click the system-> settings

2, click appearance

3, click in the international language

4, chinese(simple)

5, the software will automatically download chinese language pack, and replaced

kodi formal official download version 15.2:

soft media software steward also has carried on the collection to kodi, cheerful"one key installed"waiting for you to experience.

support vista, windows 7, doing, win8.1, win10 platform, does not support windows xp, 63.51 mb.

more software, please visit the home of the it channel-software.

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