microsoft forecast officeformac major update coming up big function

.in this version, microsoft provides consumers with office for mac major update preview trailer.

the latest version of office contains some very need to function, and bug expected, most of the upgrade will affect the users to use office 365 subscription.and the new features include word will support automatic save function, can save the document to onedrive and sharepoint, office 365 subscribers will also benefit.the function and other automatic save products(such as google docs), can be stopped in the program settings.

word's new features and real-time collaboration and 365 subscribers can write onedrive and sharepoint file together with other users, and this will simplify sharing with colleagues onedrive for business and sharepoint document word to add a new set of chart types, including waterfalls, histogram, box&whisker;, treemap and sunburst, etc., the purpose is in order to achieve the public finance, statistics and hierarchical data fast visual chart.

excel will have unique ifs and switch function, can simplify and shorten the spreadsheet formula.a new version of excel is better support the pivottable data source, and the table slicer, can quickly filter.

in addition, powerpoint will also get a series of upgrades, including real-time collaboration, document changes and revision tracking, automatically saved, and other functions.

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