monthly desktop browser market share: google chrome falling edge microsoft still no improvement

according to market-research firm netmarketshare released data, as of august this year, google chrome, with 59.38% of the market share is still dominating the desktop browser, and microsoft edge browser is still no improvement, 6, 7, 8 to march on the browser market share rose only 0.01%, 5.66%.

, according to data from google chrome's market share fell for the first time in two years, down 0.19% addition, microsoft's internet explorer, mozilla firefox browser is also a drop in market share.safari rose 0.21% to 3.87%.and microsoft's browser edge remains in the doldrums, 6, 7, 8, 3 months of the year share basically remain unchanged, as of august, the share was 5.66%.

although chrome, firefox browser market share fell, but the edge is not successful grab to this part of the user, but the apple safari and other browsers to achieve the better growth.since it was introduced the microsoft edge, placed in the windows system, due to its innate conditions than other browsers generous.compared with microsoft's heavily promoted, the edge of the transcript is slightly awkward.

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