swordfish browser computer major upgrade: rainbow label huge amounts of new features

official version 2.10 installed 32-bit version download the portable version(52 mb), green(66 mb)

official version 2.10 64-bit installation version download the portable version of 59(mb), green(78 mb)

perfect support 64-bit and 32-bit win10, doing mainstream, windows 7 and xp system.

note 1:portable use zip format compression, decompression can be used, all data files together, suggest installation outside to disk c

note 2:the novice recommended installation version, version can also be convenient to specify installation location

2, app download

click above or click here to download(automatic identification equipment).

provide version:version windows pc, iphone, android, win10, windows phone.

swordfish browser's official website:http://qiyu.ruanmei.com/

the speed of light cavalry, heavy cavalry composed, swordfish computer browser version of a new generation of 2.10 strong incoming!

the first judge a book by character, level and top priority in appearance, swordfish browser 2.10 introduced a new"rainbow"default theme, rainbow label strength.

no matter to open several ten tag, identify the current label, swordfish according to the website icon icon color color the tags automatically, accurately match, it's home of red, blue of baidu, taobao's orange...

only rainbow label is not enough, the ins and outs of stronger upgrade absolutely comfortable...

special thanks to user light empty drunk flower, puts forward many suggestions for improvement to us, on behalf of soft coal apes together thank humbly.

computer version 2.10 update swordfish browser window:

    feature:function-rainbow label(new default theme"rainbow")

    feature:function-commonly used thousands of web sites, convenient location bar can direct

    feature:function-right-click menu title bar and management commonly used interface settings

    feature:drag and drop-super drag and drop support commonly used search engine, open() can be installed in the set

    feature:function-cross word search button to increase the translate button, off by default, can be open in the set

    feature:function-a small window play increase mute control

    feature:function-hamburg, right click button can be directly open the set interface(thanks to light empty drunk flower)

    feature:-right-click bookmarks button can directly open the bookmarks manager(thanks to light empty drunk flower)

    feature:function-the user login interface increases, according to the user dropdown convenient switch user

    improvement:-start page default interface(background) new adjustment

    improvement:function-shut down the address bar after the show, through the f4 exhaled

    fixed:after delimit function-search, cross word search button will block the selected vocabulary questions

    fixed:function-check the automatic cleaning function exits, the synchronization code failure problem

    fixed:function-after the maximization under the condition of the new window, minimize then maximize, leads to the problem under the interface display to the taskbar

    fixed:function-'paste and open the address bar, right-click the new label button, open the label position to keep in line with' address bar to open the set

    fixed:ruled search function-non-trace mode< the issues that led to the collapse/p>

    fixed:drag and drop-some sites did not identify is url when dragging

    fixed:small window-when only the popup window and small window video, video recovery will attached to the small window popup problems

a, swordfish browser updates

official version 2.10(on november 9, 2016)

2, swordfish browser profile:

swordfish browser uses the blink kernel(that is, people used to say chrome kernel), the future will also introduce the edge/ie dual-core"swordfish browser portable version"(based on flash browser transformation).

1, speed the latest kernel:using chrome 51 kernel version(51.0.2704.63), ultra high speed access to the internet;because the cause of the kernel, so user data and chrome fully compatible, including chrome plug-ins also can install and use;

2, green completely portable:suggest installation or into non system disk partitions(i.e., try not to install to disk c), user data data folder and procedures within a folder, reinstall windows system does not lose any data, without reloading the browser;of course, in the u disk or mobile hard disk inside the inside can also;

3, chameleon skin interface:the default win10 fan, contracted and not simple!have more than characteristic topic skin more, all support high screen high dpi;

4, super data synchronization, favorites, skin, password form...

5, more than strong application:plugin, and a selection of recommended, to advertising, science and internet, screenshots...

3, swordfish browser interface screenshots

bring new rainbow label, color label accurately matching the mass-tone attune website

bring about a new start page, the new background, new color

bring new tabs right-click menu

bring about super close using the wizard, completely custom interface button and common feature

bring swordfish browser mouse gestures

bring swordfish browser full of beautiful things in the selected plug-in

4, download swordfish browser

swordfish browser's official website:http://qiyu.ruanmei.com/

1, the computer version download:

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