high-profile companies wechat after the official release

on april 18, enterprise micro version 1.0 release letter, took his first step.enterprise wechat office as a communication tool, in addition to have a chat, also integrates the function of public phone and email.in terms of oa, combined with the announcement, attendance, leave and submit an expense account, the user can finish office demand on mobile phones.in addition, the enterprise micro letter also added some more joint office scenario of functions, such as receipt message, rest a little.

for this product, many people will feel strange, now micro believe it found enterprise micro public class team, a thorough understanding of current enterprise micro letter registration operation, user feedback, the future development, we look at:

the following letter from micro public class:

1, from the official launch to the present, enterprises how to access?

enterprise team:micro letter very much, released after a large number of enterprises registered letter, thanks for your approval.

2, for your carefully polished products, is a widespread user feedback and comments?your feedback channel is?

any problems in use process, can through these channels feedback and contact.

3, user feedback, how do you guarantee the positive response, and one to one response?

because the amount is large, we deal with a lot of pressure.now the introduction of shenzhen customer service team to assist processing.one-on-one feedback response of promise, however, will stick to it.

the next phase focuses on open api interface

4, launched this period of time, have what problem?

enterprise wechat team:although on-line made sufficient preparation before, but we still met some problems, such as system upgrade cause temporary cache web server status, abnormal prompted a brief account of individual enterprises.that means we need to strengthen the stability of the situation and give us a wake-up call, any small problems cannot be ignored.enterprises wechat is still in its beginning stage, we have full of expectations, in the early stages will appear all sorts of conditions, but this will not affect we continue to improve the determination to do it.we also welcome to submit to us all kinds of bugs, enthusiastically help us wechat burnish a better enterprise together.

5, there are a lot of customer care, business enterprise have what similarities and differences between micro and micro letter?

6, subsequent increases more functions, including access to third party applications?

enterprise micro letter:right, the next phase will focus on the open api interface.

the registration and certification can operate:

7, up to now, there are still a lot of users are asking how you can use on the corporate wechat?specific conditions and steps is what?

in the case of enterprise registration, the specific process is as follows:

a, micro letter in the enterprise website choose"enterprise registration"

2, select"micro letter enterprise to create"

three letter, enter the micro enterprise administrator micro letter and email password, account authorized to create enterprise micro letter

4, add more information

5, registration

after the success of the registration, micro letter enterprise will automatically import enterprise micro letter in my address book.

8, enterprise whether can wechat association has certification of enterprise, service number, subscription number?

enterprise wechat team:may authorize certification, the certification system, select the"has been wechat certification enterprise", you can choose to"is the enterprise users"or"is a subscription number, service users".

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