tang najie: windows because no new preview team this week to enjoy the holiday

we wait to windows last week 10 insider preview a major update, this week, though, and is arguably the new insider preview version push, but didn't actually...

this, microsoft's dona sarkar(tang najie, believe everybody knows her), explained that because the windows insider team are enjoying their(very important!)holiday, so this week(and) at the beginning of next week there will be no new windows 10 insider preview push.

tang najie also mentioned that build the laboratory will be closed during the holiday, so before january 2~ 3 days, you don't expect to receive any new build.

although push windows last week 10 insider preview is not perfect, but it doesn't matter, windows insider team should come up in the intense work, during the new year's day to enjoy their own time.

if you find it during the new year's day holiday windows insider preview what ask legs, although in the center of the feedback in the feedback, let them at the end of the vacation, feel the insider users with love.

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