microsoft: hope everyone to use less password multi-purpose biometrics

in order to replace the traditional password, research and development of many technology companies are not only more secure, more convenient but also easy to use authentication system, microsoft is one of them.

one example is windows 10 hello system of windows, microsoft in his blog post recently introduced with fido online fast authentication(alliance) cooperation, the purpose is to promote the development of the biometric technology equipment.

microsoft says windows hello has proven to be a successful security systems, nearly 70% have the function of windows 10 equipment selection using windows hello instead of the traditional password.but it is worth mentioning that in recent days from germany security researchers conducted an experiment shows that the windows hello is easy to invasion, but the latest version of win10 have introduced new features, can effectively prevent windows hello to be deceived by photos.

microsoft also discussed using the application(such as provided by microsoft authentication on android and ios) replace the password, you can use the pin or fingerprints to easy for authentication.

windows enterprise and the department of homeland security project management director rob lefferts said:"we encourage users to try to use it, feel it is more easy to use than a password.i think people worry about a problem is that the new technology will become more complicated, but in fact we have to make it more simple and easy to use."

microsoft finally stressing its commitment to helping customers migrate to the so-called password-less world, provide alternative solutions for safety devices.lefferts said:"all parties, all the important sites and all important lines of business application needs time to adopt this technology, and users, customers and organization need more time to transform, so that people can really live in the new world, but we have to speed up in mind from the blueprint of the password, to ensure that the user experience is critical to the success of the password is simpler to use than they are now."

microsoft is not the only one to promote biometric authentication technology company, and other technology giants are also put into such a system, including its longtime rival apple, face recognition is one of the highlight of the company's latest iphone x, the system is expected to expand next year to a whole new iphone lineup.

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