seize the opportunity, a free upgrade channels genuine microsoft windows will be closed tomorrow

although microsoft for a free upgrade to windows at the end of the last 10 service, but can still through the microsoft offer assistive technology upgrade to the latest 10 windows system, according to microsoft's announcement, the upgrade function will be officially closed, tomorrow still want a free upgrade of the user to grasp.

according to an official statement, this service is for the use of assistive technology of impaired, but the upgrade new system does not require the user to prove his own identity, is also a way to free upgrade microsoft windows 10 finally.

if you want to upgrade the latest system, users need to click here to access the update page, and then click the page white immediately"upgrade"button, after will download windows 10 upgrade program, double-click to open the can automatically download upgrades, suitable for windows 7 and windows 8.1 operating system user.

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