yuan: lenovo thinkpadaa kingdom edition on sale

this afternoon, lenovo thinkpad announced a475 and a275 two win10 notebook officially land china market, a series is a product of the thinkpad's new series, is still the thinkpad's business product series, the core of the series a laptop user location for business and professional.

although with a series of notebook, using the classic thinkpad a475 t series mold, thinkpad a275 is forged by x series mold, still support trackpoint little red dot, multi-touch plate and 1.8 mm key travel of the classic element such as full size keyboard, thinkpad hotline, global group, accident to protect and save data services such as tp services also support.

configuration, thinkpad a475 carrying four core processors amd pro a12-9800-b, this is amd the seventh generation of apu, the bristol-ridge architecture, basic frequency of 2.7 ghz, the highest speed frequency 3.6 ghz, tdp 15 w, support double battery bridge technology, support without shutdown of external battery hotplug, highest optional 512 gb pcie m.mechanical drives, solid-state drives 2 or 1 tb control the overall thickness is 19.95 mm.

the thinkpad a275 positioning lightweight portable, weight 1.32 kg, 12.5 inch screen size, the highest support ddr4 16 gb of memory, optional carrying amd pro a12-9800-b processor, thinkpad a275 optional dual battery models and keep the full set of commercial development interface, using glass fiber composite materials shell screen, support the aps hard disk protection technology to ensure data security, the thinkpad a275 high strength alloy rotor, anti glare screen and with static elimination technique of the sixth generation of eagle wings fan.

, said lenovo thinkpad series a laptop to support warranty of 180 cities door-to-door service limited, accident data protection and rescue service.

the price, the thinkpad a275 and a475 with 5999 yuan and 6999 yuan respectively on public sale.

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