windowsandroid cross-platform application roamit linkage is now free and open source

roamit is a uwp application platform, it allows you to transfer photos between 10 device in windows and android phones, documents, photos, etc.

roamit broke the limit, you can be in any windows 10 free to transfer files between the computer and the android mobile phone.the application also comes with a chrome and firefox plugin, designed to provide and microsoft"continue on pc"similar to send web pages to the experience of another device.

roamit clipboard and a cloud, this allows you to clipboard content synchronization between your device.on your windows computer 10, for example, to copy a paragraph to the clipboard, so quickly, it will be through the cloud to your clipboard synchronous android devices, paste for you.

now, roamit announced that the application has been completely free(within the application after purchase for$1.49), and has set up a lot in open source.if you use windows pc, as well as using android mobile phone, then you must try roamit.this is a great application, in particular, it is an independent roamit:

click here

view roamit source:click here

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