two years free upgrade channel completely shut down windows on you also useless?

, microsoft closed in on december 31, assistive technology upgrade free this point, for a period of more than two years win10 free upgrade channel is completely shut down, you use windows?

first 10 published in windows, microsoft announced the exciting windows 7, windows 8.1 free upgrade program.but due to the poor start win10 compatibility, combined with the user for windows 10 strangeness, makes the upgrade enthusiasm, so microsoft has taken a further radical"forced"to upgrade policy, wide range to push win10 automatic updates, windows 7 users has caused some user complaints.

after several big version update, now 10 windows system availability and reliability have reached a very high level, continuously introduce the important function in the change of 10 is windows 7 avi version of windows, windows in windows 7 of 10 are a big different, win10 characteristic gradually, and formed the unique style of the start menu and the screen, the windows store, uwp ecological become the important content of 10 desktop windows mobile, continually add support for new hardware and software, is old windows 7 system cannot be achieved.

since january 1, 2018, 10 free windows upgrade program will be the end, it is unclear whether microsoft and new programs to upgrade, because ownership in the windows 7 user remains, upgrade windows 10 task is arduous, it is unchanged.

according to the home of the it, the end of november, microsoft's annual shareholders meeting, microsoft ceo, announced that the monthly quantity of active windows 10 equipment is now more than 600 million units, and that number is not a simple installed capacity, strictly speaking, the installed capacity will be larger than the number of active win10.

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