samsung notebook new notebook south korea open purchase in advance: quarterly land global market this year

mid-december, samsung launched three new notebook 9 series of products, are new 9 pen"notebook"kandy laptop computers and upgrade in the two 9"notebook", three new laptop has been in south korea open to booking, will go on sale in the global market in the first quarter of this year.

among them, the samsung notebook and pen with eighth generation of intel core i7 processor, the highest support memory, 16 gb and 512 gb ssd, a built-in hdmi interface, a usb-c interface, a microsd card slot, and a support windows hello camera of biological recognition technology.screen, this laptop with a 13.3 inch, is 1920 x1080 resolution screens, airframe adopt magnesium aluminum alloy design.

samsung notebook and pen screen 4096 levels of pressure support, and also can understand from the product name, its carrying samsung"s pen", brush with a 0.7 mm, can bring about more realistic writing and painting experience.

conventional edition notebook 9(2018) has two versions of 13 and 15 inches, carrying eight generation core i7 processor, the highest support 16 gb ram, 1 tb ssd, including 15 inch version of carrying mx150 independent video card, at the same time, two models use 75 w hexacell batteries, support quick charge.

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