microsoft back to the mobile market is serious about starting from folding mobile phone?

this year's surface pro let us see the microsoft seriously, and this brand is likely to become the microsoft surface next ace, regain the mobile phone market in the old things.

recently, news about a new product of microsoft of being on the net, the news about it actually began in 2012, up to now we suddenly found that it is no longer the rumored product, but microsoft will soon be completed.surface phone, the name is bound to cause a lot of people's interest, understand microsoft,"those years"in the mobile phone market, perhaps in a little sarcasm or surprised and think:what?microsoft mobile phone haven't cool off.

yes, not only is not cooled, microsoft ceo had said that they didn't give up on the phone, is developing a"revolutionary"products.striking these days is the appearance of this revolutionary product exposure and details:according to the microsoft surface wmpu share phone relevant patent map, is surprising, however, folding screens, double oled flexible display, can use almost seamless or reduced in parallel, in order to fit the edge fold after deformation, using the flexible glass, at the same time, leads to thinner usb-c module(2.66 mm) and surface link ribbon cable, in order to realize the overall thickness and volume of an ideal balance.

super special-shaped design

2017-2018 smartphone design trend is full screen, this basically has no doubt.and smart phone design over the past few years have nothing new, a mature plan can cover a lot of basic market flagship, in all vendors are scrambled for full screen mobile phone, when microsoft was going to do such a wonderful work of folding screens, have to say that the revolutionary theory is in place.

the concept of the folding screen mobile phone is not the first time, if a few years ago the folding screen still belongs to science fiction world in the future, so now with the development of flexible screen technology, it will soon be able to walk into reality.

2016, bloomberg reported that samsung plans to launch two screens in 2017, the earliest we can bend of mobile phone product, which has a will like paper folded in half size.these two uses flexible oled screen.

was released online samsung folding screen mobile phone concept map, this product will be the characteristics of the smart phones and tablets magically mix together.when folding screen, it is like a handheld device with 5 inch screen, but once launched, it's the entire screen size to 8 inches, immediately turns into a tablet.

in 2017, zte and at&t; cooperation axon multy folding phones faster realize the profile design, after open is two screens, the phone's screen has three usage patterns, one is two pieces of screen at the same time multitask, a screen video, a screen chat with friends;one is two pieces of mosaic a large screen, screen display content in an application.there is also a model for the two pieces of screen impreaaion nip angle open at preparing on the table, can see the video with friends sit face to face, or play a game face to face.

microsoft folding screens and should be close to the concept of the two, then turns into a tablet, if surface phone is true, then become a tablet is microsoft want the most.

more importantly system

microsoft in the mobile phone's performance has always been poor.while the company mobile phone appearance design, workmanship, feel is very have an advantage, but its high pricing strategy, rich experience and application extent, always dare not flatter for many users, a lot of experience cannot be compared with other front of ios and android, windows mobile 10 completely can't shoot, it become the main factors affecting the company sales.

so microsoft's next phone should not consider windows 10 mobile, then the system what you use?according to the microsoft now ecological concept, can win 10 arm platform synchronized win 10 or more terminals and platforms(such as andromeda) is the best choice.because it does not have to depend on app system and other mobile os program, running exe program directly, and then direct access to win 10 this big platform.

it can not only make the surface phone out of the ios and android has good app ecosystem, avoid positive competition, can also greatly outstanding professional and applicability of the equipment, inherit the good surface family tradition.

microsoft in recent position, need xiao dragon above 845 hardware test engineers and manufacturing engineers, basic can explain what are they doing device that functions as a kind of laptop, either as odm manufacturer xiao dragon 845 notebook, or when the cell phone and when the flat surface of the phone.

as for the configuration of the mobile phone, it is mostly in the yy,, of course, is how advanced how to, qualcomm xiao dragon series new core, 8 gb ram, and speculation is likely to launch three level configuration, a geared to the needs of ordinary consumers, a geared to the needs of business users, a user of the enterprise.using high configuration is the premise of it does belong to surface camps and running exe program, so let's just can think so.

surface clean up the old native land

microsoft now very not easy to surface firmly established brand, from the surface pro, the surface of laptop, surface studio to surface book, rolled out the product line let the family grow gradually, but indeed, it can also lacks a deeper into intelligent mobile end members.

, needless to say, is a mobile to streamline product line, a line of surface, the surface after phone launch more solid, like all apple products around the unified concept of ecology and trapping the users, microsoft's goal is to build a connection with surface all terminal system, a series of all products.

microsoft on surface series performance let everybody see it powerful industrial design strength, may not be in conformity with the fashion, but each product has a design on the window.and mix phone+tablet concept thus taking office line, just to cater to the advantage of microsoft accumulated precipitation, positioning is a much clear.

i do not know you to microsoft's"surface phone", there is a what kind of look forward to?

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