this year: windows global share growth is still dominates

in 2017 years, there are agency predicted according to the trend, at the end of 2017, global market share of more than 10 windows 7 system, but according to recent statistics netmarketshare, things did not appear too big change.

in the fourth quarter of 2017, windows 7's share declined, but the windows 10 growth momentum is also not obvious.

netmarketshare, according to the global market in windows 7's market share stood at 43.08%, since november 2017 fell only 0.04%;windows 10 share reached 32.93%, up 0.98%;windows xp share was 5.18%, down 5.18%;windows 8.1 5.71%, down 0.22%.

in november, microsoft announced windows 10 month active device volume reached 600 million, we expect when windows 10 month active device volume reaches 800 million, its share would be more than windows 7, it will upgrade tide with the arrival of the end of 2018 enterprises.

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