microsoft's patent application for the iphone accessories windowspc can also make a phone call

in a recent microsoft smartphone related patent was exposed, but not with surface phone folding mobile phone related, but rather a accessories patents on call, can be used on the iphone with windows 10 pc connection.

is the label for the"fold"equipment"user input peripherals", it can be used as built-in speakers and microphone phone dock, and also can be used as a voip speaker independent operation of the pc.

in the accessory equipment of microsoft patent diagram, impressively appeared iphone demo, apparently for smartphones like the iphone accessories extension, devices with independent buttons and indicator lights, for rapid activate the iphone or pc voip communications applications such as skype, such a scenario is more suitable for enterprise customers.

in the above open equipment setup, microsoft can emphasize the device via cable or wireless connection with windows 10 pc equipment, and use a bluetooth connection phone or pc, even if the pc is in a state of sleep, can also provide notice.

in the condition of not expand, the device provides a specific interface, and still can provide can be heard and notice on the vision, make it easier for users to accept the incoming voip phone calls.

in view of the device's patent map is very clear and obvious, microsoft is expected in 2018 fastest can launch a support the iphone accessories products.

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