dui at the end of a wave: microsoft's new ad said edge more power saving than chrome browser

microsoft often send video display edge browser with other competitors such as google browser) comparison, the performance of the company in 2017, the last day of the released a new video, emphasized the edge of the browser feature to save power.

microsoft said in the video, in the same device to watch the same video web, edge than the mozilla firefox browser to view the time more than 63%, 19% more than google chrome and test is windows 10 autumn creatives update(version 1709) edge of the browser.

since launch windows 10 july 2015, microsoft has been actively promoting edge browser, and often use some of the more controversial means, for example, one way is in the users to install or start google chrome, in the form of a windows 10 pc display pop-up window to push microsoft edge advertising.

at present, the google browser is still king in the field of desktop, with nearly 60% of the share, and the edge still lags behind rivals, about 5% of the desktop will edge as the default browser, because of the great differences, it is hard to believe that changes in the short run.

on the other hand, as the new windows updates, edge browser is improved continually.


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