low resolution images can be fooled microsoft windows face recognition function

according to tech blog appleinsider(beijing time) on december 22, german security company syss said this week that although microsoft through update"autumn creatives"fix the loopholes in face recognition, but in the old version 10 windows system, microsoft's hello facial recognition using a photograph can be fooled.

syss, explained simply by using a near infrared camera and laser printing the low resolution of photos, can fool 10 pc support hello face recognition function of windows.syss issued a series of youtube video to demonstrate the problem.

to have installed the"autumn creatives"update user, they still need to reconfigure the hello function, to prevent being hacked.anyone want to by this invasion of computer vulnerabilities, must be achieved through physical access.

apple on its iphone x mobile launched the independent face facial recognition system id.in order to prevent the face photo id is cheating, apple uses a 3 d map lattice projector, can choose the attention of the detection technology.

however, face id can be user still some relatives or high simulation mask cheated, but apple said, the odds at one over one million, at least it is a random facial recognition test.

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