lenovo publish thinkpadewin notebook: eight generations yuan starting at the core

today lenovo product listed communication will be held in beijing in 2018 released two new thinkpad series notebook product e480 and e580.new thinkpad e480/580 notebooks will carry the eighth generation of intel core processors, will be listed on january 11.

appearance, thinkpad e480 and e580 thrown to the predecessor of the rounded appearance design, all directly to right angle transition, sharp lines more hale and hearty, look more sharp, more suitable for the aesthetic of young users groups.at the same time, the thinkpad's iconic little red riding hood and full size keyboard afi are preserved.open a face, you can see the new thinkpad e480/580 narrow frame design, the width of the screen from the border is 6.9 mm.

configuration, the new thinkpad e480/580 carry is the eighth generation of intel core quad-core processors, optional amd radeon rx 550 independent video card.support dual channel ddr4 memory, sata hdd and pcie ssd double hard disk.

interface, new thinkpad e series has a hdmi interface, two usb 3.0 interface, an audio interface, at the same time also supports the tf card reader, a usb 2.0 interface, lock, etc.also joined the usb type-c interface, support for fast charging, officially turned off under 1 hour charging 80%, at the same time can think fast connection pad surrounding.

now lenovo thinkpad e480 has open appointments, i5 processors-8250-u+8 gb of memory, 256 gb ssd version costs 4999 yuan, the i5 processors-8250-u+radeon rx550 showing a+8 gb of memory, 128 gb ssd+500 gb hdd version costs 5499 yuan.it's home found small make up the jingdong thinkpad official flagship store has to accept appointment.as for the thinkpad e580, at present has not yet announced the price and the listing information.address:

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